日本版との主な違い 気づいた点をめもめも
ヤンガスの英語はどの種類? Prologue〜Farebury
Ah, Ring Kichard, yes . . .
that's a spoonerism.
Waterfall Cave
So the sins of my mother
should be visited upon me.
Curses, not loud but deep Port Prospect〜Maella Abbey
School for Scandal Maella Abbey〜Riverside Chapel
Goddes in her mercy
lend him grace
hanging around
Because I could not
stop for Death --
Knocking on the
moonlit door
Wisher's Peak
Eyes of
most unholy blue
Pickham's Casino
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
thus spoke Marcello
O, my luve 's like a
red, red rose
Pickham〜Red's house
A horse! A horse!
My kingdom for a horse!
Swordsman's Labyrinth
The name of a man is a
numbing blow
And the twelve gates were
twelve pearls
liquid metal slime hunt
Soft! I did but dream. Trodain library〜quest for the harp
If a man say, I love God, and
hateth his brother, he is a liar
Mole Hole〜Savella Cathedral
Come lasses and lads, get
leave of your dads
Baccarat〜Monster Arena
A solitary shriek,
the babbling cry
last words
I'm not fat! I'm big bone! Argonia〜Arcadia
This is the
very ecstacy of love.
Orkutsk〜Pirate's Cove
Be my brother,
or I kill you.
The most piteous tale of the
morte Rhapthorne saune guerdon
Dark citadel〜ending
アンジェロ祭り 北米版ククールの台詞集

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